Project Description

Legend is a dynamic mixed-use development, seamlessly integrating residential, commercial, and cultural structures. Positioned strategically, its allure lies in proximity to key amenities like schools, libraries, and parks. This strategic placement not only enhances convenience for residents but also ensures swift access to the city's vital resources, enriching the overall living experience.

With a thoughtful blend of residential, commercial, and cultural components, Legend stands as a versatile and well-connected community. Its proximity to essential facilities such as schools, libraries, and parks not only enhances the daily lives of residents but also promotes a vibrant and accessible urban lifestyle. This strategic location ensures that residents can easily reach central areas, enjoying the benefits of city resources with unparalleled ease.

Client details

Client: Adam Ghilcrist

Category: Interior Design

Starts on:: 20 May 2018

Ends on: 30 May 2019

Location: New York

Architect: Jhon Piter


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